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With the new year underway, it’s time to take stock of your budget, debt, and investments—and check them against your financial goals. These six steps can help get you started.

When it comes to tax planning, it’s helpful to think ahead. Learn three guiding principles for investors.

Whether it’s panic selling, hiding out in cash, or making knee-jerk decisions in volatile markets, these behaviors can hurt investors in the long term. Learn how to spot—and avoid—common mistakes.

The stock market is the cornerstone of investing. Before getting started, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the basics, including market indexes, the different types of stocks, and the factors that can affect a stock’s market value.

Too much debt can be crippling, but some debt, managed wisely, can be a smart financial tool. Check out three things to consider when deciding whether to take on debt.

Check out these five steps to help make smart spending and saving decisions.

For Pride Month, we’re sharing key financial considerations for LGBTQ+ couples planning to tie the knot.

Investors include bonds or fixed-income securities in their portfolio for any number of reasons—from their lower risk profile to their reliable interest payments, among other advantages. As with all investments, bonds also carry risks to be mindful of—including interest rate and inflation risk. Investors can use several strategies to help reduce the effect inflation and higher interest rates have on bonds to create an even lower risk income stream.

Money is one of the trickiest topics to discuss but avoiding the conversation can be even more problematic. These tips can help start the dialogue with your family.

Learn about common social engineering scams you may encounter and ways to help prevent them.

Learn how to help protect you or your loved ones from common elder abuse scams.

Help your financial wellness with tips regarding retirement savings through different life stages.

Planning to meet spending needs in retirement requires thinking beyond sizing up a paycheck. We dig into the “Go-Go”, “Slow-Go”, and “No-Go” retirement stages, common spending patterns, and income strategies for today’s retiree.

Investors can take steps to prepare their portfolios for inflation, which is on the rise as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 recession. Diversifying with assets like real estate, commodities, or Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), can help hedge the risks of higher prices.

Municipal bonds, like other bonds, can provide investors with fixed income payments and capital preservation—but it’s their tax advantages that investors are often most curious about. Learn what to consider when investing in municipal bonds.

With threats from climate change mounting, learn how to align investments with a vision for a more sustainable world—while still pursuing financial goals.

Climate change presents risks, but there are ways for investors to take part in positive change.

We all know we should have money set aside for emergencies. Here’s how to go about it.

Investors may turn to money market mutual funds to generate potential earnings on cash needed in a short time frame. Ultra-short bond funds are another investing vehicle that may offer modestly higher yields—but also higher risk. Learn the difference between the two products.

While gold isn’t a strategic asset class, there are certain reasons to consider adding exposure. See three ways to go about it.

It’s important to start saving as early as possible. Learn why—plus get tips on how to become a savvy saver.

Whether you’re applying for a mortgage, purchasing car insurance, or signing up with a new internet provider, you will inevitably be asked about your credit. Understanding how this number is calculated and how to establish a healthy credit score early on in life can help increase your financial freedom and purchasing power in the future.

Green bonds give fixed income investors a way to incorporate environmental and social causes into their portfolio strategies. We dig into what green bonds are, how they’ve started to gain traction, and what to consider before investing.

Bonds are assigned ratings by financial research firms, which gauge the issuer’s creditworthiness. What factors determine these bond ratings, and how can investors use them?

Know the moves to make before year-end to start 2022 on the right track.

Learn the options for how to pay off debt you took on to pay for school.

A company’s market capitalization, or its market value, can help investors decide if the stock is a good fit for their portfolio. Learn how to calculate a market cap and the features of different market caps.

The consumer staples sector consists of goods that are constantly in demand, offering an option for investors seeking to incorporate a defensive strategy into their portfolios.

The utilities sector represents resources that are always in demand (think: water, gas), and it’s typically used as a defensive play in a portfolio. We break down characteristics of the utilities sector and key investing considerations.

As investors explore ways to enhance returns and manage risk, liquid alternative funds have emerged as a potential choice. Learn what they are and what to consider before investing.

We break down the differences between active and passive investing and show how both, separately or together, may add value to portfolios.

Treasuries are a low-risk way to diversify portfolios and can provide ballast in times of uncertainty. Learn about the different types, benefits, and risks.

For investors, international equities can enhance diversification and offer growth potential. In fact, long-term demographic trends may even favor some non-US markets. Explore the different types of international markets and ways to invest.

Recent trends in technology and innovation are changing the health care sector. What does that mean for investors?

Increasing demand and significant cost reductions have changed the clean energy landscape. Learn how decarbonization efforts may present opportunities for investors.

Climate change, security, and telecoms are among the key themes driving a boom in the space economy. Here's a look at what’s behind the increased interest.

A new study from Calvert, part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, examines whether racial and ethnic board diversity can have a positive effect on stock performance.

Riding the market wave has been pretty easy in recent years, but that may be about to change. Here’s how to navigate today’s more challenging investment landscape.

The surge in global inflation has investors fretting about future growth, but Morgan Stanley economists say price surges will subside, making way for 4.7% global GDP growth in 2022. Here’s the view on the global economy for 2022.

The virtual realm known as the metaverse may be the world of tomorrow, but two technologies that enable it could create opportunities for investors today.

Morgan Stanley strategists say the easy returns are over for US equities and Treasuries, but see value in European and Japanese stocks in 2022.

The Fed is modestly tapping the brakes on monetary stimulus, but will it do enough to cool a stock market that may be at risk of overheating?

The new credit payment is the latest Fintech disruptor. Can established legacy banks adapt to keep up with the increased e-commerce demand and the red-hot tech services?

Morgan Stanley Research uncovers five emerging technologies that could curb carbon emissions, halt climate change and offer new ways to invest in earth’s future.

Examine industries threatened by the world’s water crisis and how investors can help protect assets.

Sustainable funds outperformed traditional peer funds and reduced investment risk during coronavirus in 2020, according to the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing

Semiconductors are a $400 billion industry with demand booming as everyday objects become more high tech. Morgan Stanley Wealth Management highlights what investors should consider in this high-growth industry.

Not just water under the bridge: Which areas of the market may get a boost from an infrastructure bill?

New modes of computing with the capacity to “think" will power the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI), potentially creating significant opportunities.

MedTech’s adoption of artificial intelligence could deliver increased productivity, lower costs, and improved patient outcomes in the coming years. We explore what investors should consider in this industry.

Social distancing may have kicked online shopping into higher gear—with potentially lasting impact on brick-and-mortar retail margins.

Morgan Stanley Research breaks down the evolution of cybersecurity analytics as more companies move their operations and services to the cloud.

Morgan Stanley Research explores what the post-pandemic work environment could mean for office REITs.

Increased consumer spending, an expanding digital economy, and an emerging class of Millennial investors could power stocks in the years ahead. Learn how to prepare portfolios.

Growth stocks’ recent outperformance has investors wondering whether the long-awaited value comeback has already faded—some key trends suggest otherwise.

Despite talk of COVID driving a long-term exodus from big cities, Morgan Stanley Research analysis shows that many are booming or rebounding. What does that mean for assets tied to urban living?

Findings from a recent Morgan Stanley survey revealed where CIOs plan to spend, as companies work to safeguard network and application access and detect cyber threats.

Findings from a recent Morgan Stanley survey highlight key initiatives within the evolving world of cloud tech.

Despite talk of a “growth scare,” the US economy and markets may be poised for steadier gains ahead.

What’s another way to play compelling electrification themes, such as electric cars, modern energy grids, storage, and distributed power? A unique take for investors.

As the economy moves into the next stage of growth, many analysts anticipate supply constraints and robust demand combining to incentivize business investment. Learn what the evolving landscape may mean for energy-related companies.

Findings from a recent Morgan Stanley survey reveal significant growth prospects for the online dating industry.

The recent sharp rise in new infections has reignited fears of disruption to the US recovery and outlook for markets.

As Gen Z joins Gen Y in the workforce, the two cohorts could deliver a sizable jolt to US GDP, consumption, wages, and housing—presenting a bullish outlook for investors.

As Millennials and Gen Z overtake Baby Boomers as the dominant US consumers, which retail categories might benefit from the generational passing of the prime spending baton?

The data revolution in computing has accelerated the convergence of the next era of tech: internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and automation. What’s the opportunity for investors?

Along with stocks, ETFs, and other types of investments, bonds are used by many investors, typically seeking to add income and diversification to a portfolio. Let’s explore potential opportunities in four key areas of the fixed income market that are less dependent on interest rates.

The convergence of social media and gaming, along with increased opportunities for in-game monetization and the addition of new gaming platforms have fueled growth in the industry. What trends may be of interest to investors?

Podcasting revenue growth could be at an inflection point as content investment, expanding distribution, and advertising tech come together. Morgan Stanley Research offers an in-depth look at the future of audio.

Investor confidence is high, but rising US producer costs could weigh on earnings in the months ahead. How to prepare.

Why US stock markets may reflect too much optimism about consumer spending, heading into what could be a subdued year-end shopping season.

Labor shortages in the US may not be so temporary, with significant implications for inflation, monetary policy, earnings, and stocks.

Investors have had mixed reactions to the 5G rollout worldwide, but an analysis of early-adopter markets suggests that 5G is surpassing expectations. Here are five key takeaways.

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