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Banking & Lending

Learn how to optimize your savings and strategically use lending to help you reach your financial goals.

Mortgage rates are forecast to drop slightly, but affordability likely won’t return to pre-pandemic levels. Here’s what to expect.

If you—or your loved ones—are shopping in a tight housing market, how can you stand out from other buyers while potentially bypassing today’s high mortgage rates?

Compounding has been called one of humankind's greatest inventions, but we'll settle for calling it an investor's best friend. Here's why.

It’s important to start saving as early as possible. Learn why—plus get tips on how to become a savvy saver.

Because saving and investing are in some ways similar, many of the same ideas apply to both, including the risk of losing money, how easy it is to access your funds, and potential gains. But there are significant differences in exactly how those ideas apply and in how you actually go about saving versus investing. Let's break down the details.

Many people borrow in order to buy homes, pay taxes, and finance personal interests. They also borrow to finance businesses, college educations, or other needs.

Record-high prices, rising mortgage rates and high inflation are all obstacles for potential new homeowners. Learn how you can help a loved one break into a tough market.

Learn the options for how to pay off debt you took on to pay for school.

We all know we should have money set aside for emergencies. Here’s how to go about it.

Too much debt can be crippling, but some debt, managed wisely, can be a smart financial tool. Check out three things to consider when deciding whether to take on debt.

Learn about the differences between credit and debit cards, the various card types, and how to avoid destructive debt.

Whether you’re applying for a mortgage, purchasing car insurance, or signing up with a new internet provider, you will inevitably be asked about your credit. Understanding how this number is calculated and how to establish a healthy credit score early on in life can help increase your financial freedom and purchasing power in the future.

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