Trading at E*TRADE

If you have a passion for the markets, E*TRADE offers a combination of intuitive tools, preferred active trader pricing, and dedicated service to meet the unique needs of those who love to trade.

The complete package for traders who won’t compromise

Take on the markets with intuitive, easy-to-use trading platforms and apps, specialized trading support, and stock, options, and futures for traders of every level.

Easy-to-use Power E*TRADE platform

Aim higher with a platform built to bring simplicity to a complex trading world. Research and trade stocks, options, ETFs, and futures from our intuitive streaming platform and mobile app.


Dedicated trader service team

When money is at stake, you want answers fast. Get expedited support from licensed trading professionals who know the markets and share your passion.


Some of the lowest fees in the market

Our special discounted pricing for active traders (30+ trades per quarter) allows you to spend more time focusing on the markets and less time worrying about commissions.


Stocks & ETFs2


Options contracts2


Futures contracts3

Got $5,000? Get a little something extra. Learn how1

For a short time only – until August 31 – we’ll reward you with up to $2,500 when you open and fund a new account.

Simplify the complex world of trading

Our innovative Power E*TRADE platform is packed with intuitive, easy-to-use tools for stock, options, and futures traders looking to track the markets and seize opportunities wherever they arise.

Gain leverage with options

Trade options with confidence and precision, whether your goal is to speculate, hedge existing portfolio positions, or help generate income.

  • Customizable options chain views make it fast and easy to research, analyze, and act
  • View profit and loss probabilities and break-even points at a glance
  • Translate the options Greeks (e.g., Delta, Theta, Vega) into plain English

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Technical analysis made simple

Automatically populate charts with technical patterns and support and resistance lines, and understand what they mean with a click.

  • Spot potential entry or exit opportunities
  • Learn what each event historically indicates
  • Identify classic patterns, short-term patterns, and oscillators

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Set your sights on futures

Speculate, diversify, or hedge with futures—one of the world’s largest and most active markets.

  • Trade futures directly from real-time ladders on the Power E*TRADE platform and app
  • Pay just $1.50 per contract, per side for both futures and options on futures trades3
  • Get dedicated trading support from licensed Futures Specialists

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Got $5,000? Get a little something extra. Learn how1

For a short time only – until August 31 – we’ll reward you with up to $2,500 when you open and fund a new account.