New Issues

Get access to a variety of new issue securities

  • Fixed income: municipal, corporate, government securities, and brokered CDs
  • Available equity offerings can be viewed in the New Issue Center
  • New issue securities can be limited and we can't guarantee you'll be able to participate in any particular offering 


IPOs and Follow-ons available through E*TRADE since the beginning of 2015


unique offerings of corporate and municipal bonds through E*TRADE since the beginning of 2015

Participating in new issues

New issues can be inherently more volatile than securities already trading in the public markets, which can offer both risks and rewards. Of course, before you invest, read the prospectus and other documents carefully.

Initial public offerings (IPOs)

An IPO is the process by which a company lists and offers its shares for sale to the public, and can be accessed via


A follow-on offering is the sale of shares of a company or entity that already trades on an exchange, and can be accessed via

Municipal securities

These offerings are not available on To participate, visit one of our branches, or call us at
1 (866) 420-0007

Other fixed income

Corporate & government securities and brokered CDs can be accessed via

Given the generally high demand for shares in new issue equity offerings and the limited availability of shares available for sale to E*TRADE customers, many customers will not be allocated shares.  Additionally, in many instances, allocations will be significantly smaller than the size of shares requested in a customer’s conditional offer.

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Staying up to date on new issues E*TRADE offers

Because new issue offerings can occur with little advance warning, participating in a new issue can be more complicated than buying other securities. But we're here to help you understand new issue securities and the offerings through which they are made available.

  • Customers can subscribe to receive alerts when certain new issue offerings become available
  • For IPOs and follow-on offerings, customers can view a prospectus online (as well as review a roadshow presentation, if one is available)