At E*TRADE, you're never on your own. We've been helping investors of all ages plan for the future with easy-to-use tools and guidance.

Retirement planning

We get it. It’s hard enough to plan for dinner tonight, let alone for events that might be 30 years down the road. The truth is you don’t need to have a perfect plan to get started. Just take the first step.

  • Discover the power of tax-advantaged investing and how it offers the potential to help your portfolio grow
  • See how a slow-and-steady approach to building your nest egg can take the pain out of investing
  • Explore all the ways E*TRADE can help you invest, or even do the investing for you

Personalized Investments

You set the strategy, we do the investing. Choose from a range of portfolio solutions that offer the benefits of professional management while allowing you to guide how your assets are invested.

  • Core Portfolios — Efficient digital portfolios that are monitored and managed to help keep you on track
  • Blend Portfolios — Tailored, professionally managed portfolios that offer a greater level of personalized support
  • Dedicated Portfolios — Custom portfolios built in collaboration with your own dedicated Financial Consultant
  • Fixed Income Portfolios— Professionally built and actively managed portfolios with ongoing support from a Financial Consultant 

New to online investing

If you're just starting to invest online and aren't exactly sure where to begin, no problem—we can help. We've mapped out some easy ways to get you started on your investing journey.

  • Use our online resources to set a goal and create a plan for retirement or other important life events
  • Get ideas and explore tools that can help simplify your search for the investments that may fit your goals and needs
  • Learn how to monitor your investments, track the markets, and expand your investing knowledge