Powerful options tools and great value
  • Some of the lowest options fees in the market
  • Tools for income and speculation strategies
  • Support from knowledgeable options specialists


fee per contract plus $4.95—$6.95 commission2

Custom orders

2, 3, and 4-leg options strategies


Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free stocks and options trades for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works


Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free stocks and options trades for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works


Why trade options with E*TRADE?

Whether you're using options to speculate, to hedge or to generate potential income, E*TRADE has the tools to help hone your strategies

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Options Analyzer

  • Visualize the risk and profit and loss (P&L) in new or existing positions 
  • Use sliders to perform range and probability analysis, including probability of either closing at a specific value or merely touching that value
  • Customize dates and volatility components to perform detailed what-if analysis
  • Trade your analyzed positions directly from the tool
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Options Strategy Optimizer

  • Find options strategies that fit your directional forecast, time horizon, and expected market volatility 
  • Filter strategies according to your options trading level and investment budget
  • Analyze strategies based on your risk appetite and level of sophistication 
  • Trade your selected strategies directly from the tool


Options Income Backtester

  • Compare an individual stock's historical returns to those of a covered call or cash-secured put strategy using actual market data
  • View nine predefined strategies to get started fast, or run custom backtests with any criteria you choose
  • Zoom in on specific areas of your results for in-depth comparisons using our dynamic chart system
  • Turn backtesting results into real trades with the click of a button

Options Income Finder

  • Find options income opportunities with the highest anticipated annualized returns on individual stocks, or an entire watch list or portfolio
  • Filter results by volatility, proximity to stock price, and/or investment horizon
  • Opt to exclude results with upcoming dividends or earnings to reduce early assignment risk or exposure to volatile market events 
  • Use the conveniently integrated backtesting functionality to view historical performance before you trade