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Building your portfolio shouldn’t be like ordering off the kids’ menu. You want choices. You want opportunity. You want to explore. Well, that all starts here—with our full range of investment choices.

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They range from the simple to the complex. Long term to short term. The beginner to the expert level.
Here’s a quick overview before you dive in.

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Core Portfolios

Efficient digital portfolios guided by you

Tell us about yourself, and we'll recommend and manage a diversified portfolio designed to help meet your investing needs.

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Invest in what you want, whenever you want

Take on the market with our full suite of investments, along with E*TRADE's innovative tools, customer experience, and education.

Roth IRA4

Tax-free growth potential with tax-free future withdrawals on qualified distributions

Save for retirement with valuable tax advantages, including the ability to withdraw contributions at any time tax- and penalty-free.