Pricing & Rates for Investing & Trading

Clear, competitive, and fair pricing for investing and trading accounts.

Pricing Standard 150-1499
Stocks, Options, & ETFsDetails $9.99 $7.99
Options ContractsDetails $0.75 $0.75
Futures ContractsDetails $2.99 $2.99
Forex TradesDetails

E*TRADE is compensated through a bid-ask spread6
$0.006 $0.006
Margin Rate ($50k+ debit balance)Details 7.44% 7.44%
Bonds (online secondary trades)Details $1.00³ $1.00³
Broker-Assisted TradesDetails Add $25 Add $25
Mutual Funds 8,000+ available - 1,300+ no-load, no-transaction-fee⁴Details

Execution Quality Scorecard

At E*TRADE, we know that execution quality is of utmost importance. That's why we do everything possible to seek best execution each and every time you trade.

2-Second Execution Guaranteeon S&P 500 stocks and every ETF

The E*TRADE Best Execution Advantage

We partner with multiple market centers for end-to-end control over orders in an effort to provide the highest speed and quality of execution.

No specific statistic defines a quality execution. Therefore, E*TRADE dedicates a team to regular, rigorous reviews to find the right blend of execution price, speed, and price improvement.

100% of customer options orders are processed using smart order-routing technology to seek the best execution available in the market.

Execution Quality Indicator E*TRADE Performance
February 2014¹
Execution Price
% of market order trades executed at or inside the National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO)
Price Improvement
% of trades executed at a price better than the prevailing NBBO
Execution Speed
Average elapsed time between market order receipt and execution
0.17 seconds
Effective Spread
Share-weighted average between the execution price and midpoint of NBBO (lower is better)
2.8 ¢ per share
The ratio of the effective spread to the quoted spread at the time of order receipt (lower is better)

S3 is an independent company and not affiliated with E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corp. Statistics displayed represent market orders with share sizes between 100 to 2000 shares, excluding pre-opening orders, orders received during locked, crossed, or fast markets, and destination outages. Individual destination results deemed to be unusual by S3 may be excluded from Industry Averages. Further details provided upon request.

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