Dime Buyback Program

Close short options for 10¢ or less commission free

  • Automatically starts when you buy-to-close for 10¢ or less
  • Applies to the qualifying buyback legs on multi-leg spreads
  • Manage your risk and pay $0 commissions on qualified trades


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Why cover your short options positions?

Using our Dime Buyback Program can help you manage and protect your capital by allowing you to sell positions that carry outsized risk to reward, commission free.

Trade more

Free up buying power to act on new market opportunities with higher reward potential

Reduce risk

Sudden or dramatic moves on short positions may make you vulnerable

Clean house

Clear out lingering short option positions in your portfolio

No commissions

Pay no commissions or contract fees1 on single short options at 10¢ or less

Dime Buyback Program FAQs

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What is the Dime Buyback Program?

Dime Buyback is an exclusive program offered by E*TRADE that waives the commissions and options contract fees1 when you buy-to-close short options priced at 10¢ or less. It encourages and enables you to manage risk like a professional.

Why does E*TRADE offer this program?

Closing short options is a risk management discipline that professional traders employ regularly, so we’ve made it commission free through the Dime Buyback Program.  

Do I need to sign up?

No special enrollment is required. The program automatically kicks in each time you buy-to-close a short options position 10¢ or less.

Does the program apply to two-legged spreads?

Yes. If you placed a two-legged spread where one leg was a buyback for 10¢ or less, there will be no commissions charged on the eligible contracts. Your normal commission schedule will apply on the other leg as if it were a single-legged order.

How does it apply to a partial fill?

If your first execution is partially filled at 10¢ and the balance is filled at a higher price, your entire trade would be commission free.

Which order types are eligible?

The Dime Buyback Program works for all stock, ETF, and index options. It does not apply to futures options.