Sustainable Investing

More investors than ever want to make a positive social or environmental impact with their money, while still achieving competitive returns. That’s sustainable investing, and it already accounts for over $30 trillion in assets under management globally.

Why you should consider sustainable investing

Sustainable investing means including not just financial factors but also environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria when you analyze an investment. It rests on the idea that companies are more likely to succeed and generate a strong return if they provide value to all their stakeholders from employees to customers to the broader community.

Source: Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, Sustainable Signals Survey (2020, 2019)

Perspectives and Insights

Now that we've joined forces with Morgan Stanley, we're excited to bring you the latest insights on sustainable investing from the combined company.

Sustainable funds outperformed traditional peer funds and reduced investment risk during coronavirus in 2020, according to the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing

Morgan Stanley Research uncovers five emerging technologies that could curb carbon emissions, halt climate change and offer new ways to invest in earth’s future.

Examine industries threatened by the world’s water crisis and how investors can help protect assets.

Learn how to implement sustainable investing strategies and explore investing themes, like Clean Water.

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