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Explore the basics of futures and how they may fit into your portfolio.


Let’s walk through how money works in futures accounts, as well as some of the features E*TRADE provides to make things easier for you.

Not sure if futures trading is right for you? In this article, we’ll help you find out by taking a close look at what futures are—and how they work.

The idea of “speculation” may sound reckless and risky, something reserved for riverboat gamblers and oil barons. But when you think about it, speculation in one form or another is everywhere. Read on to learn more.

As we all know, financial markets can be volatile. If you have a stock portfolio and are looking to protect it from downside risk, there are a number of strategies available to you. But here’s one you may not have considered: Hedging your risk with equity index futures.

Futures can play an important role in diversification. In fact there are three key ways futures can help you diversify. Read on to learn how.

CME Group equity index futures, such as E-mini and Micro E-mini futures, offer you an intriguing way to pair your stock market knowledge with the advantages of futures trading.

Discover the characteristics of a futures contract, and how they provide confidence to both buyers and sellers.

Discover the importance of crude oil markets, and the critical role West Texas Intermediate plays within them.

What is settlement? Depending on the needs of the traders and the product being traded, it could mean something different.

In this video, you will learn how precious metals have been used as a storage of value throughout history.

Understanding futures doesn’t have to be difficult. Watch this video to learn the four parts of every futures contract.

Futures markets have an official daily settlement. Explore the importance of mark-to-market prices in this short video.

It’s vital to know your choices when it comes to your futures positions at expiration.

A tick is the minimum fluctuation in price allowed for a futures or options contract during a trading session.

Read this article to learn about initial coin offerings (ICOs) and what you should know before you invest in them.

In this video, we will take a look at some reasons why many investors trade futures and why you may want to consider incorporating them into your trading strategy.

Learn how to develop a futures trading plan. Follow our step-by-step process for addressing all the key areas traders should consider when building a trade plan.

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