Bonds & Fixed Income

A source of stability, diversification & income

Bonds and fixed income investments offer a wide range of benefits for investors of all types. They can be used to generate steady income to meet living expenses. They can help reduce risk by spreading your money among different asset types. And certain bonds offer valuable tax advantages to help you keep more of what you earn.

What is a bond, and why do they belong in your portfolio?

Individual Securities
Corporate Bonds Issued by corporations to help fund their business operations Relatively high yields
Municipal Bonds Issued by state or local governments to help finance public projects Interest exempt from federal and sometimes state income taxes
Treasury Bonds Sold by the U.S. Treasury to support the needs of the federal government Considered among the world’s safest securities
Agency Bonds Issued by U.S. government-sponsored agencies, such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Backed by the U.S. government
Brokered CDs Bank-issued CDs that can be sold to other investors any time FDIC insured up to $250,000 per account owner, per issuer
Bond Funds & ETFs
Bond Mutual Funds Actively managed portfolios of fixed income securities Diversification across hundreds of securities
Bond ETFs Fixed income portfolios that track specific indexes Can be bought and sold like stocks

Why Choose E*TRADE for Bonds

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Talk to an E*TRADE Fixed Income Specialist

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Facts about Bonds & Fixed Income

Pay special attention to credit quality.
This reflects the issuer’s ability to make scheduled interest and principal payments.

Bond values move inversely with interest rates.
When interest rates rise, bond values typically fall, and vice versa.

Fixed Income assets are not niche investments.
They should be an essential part of every balanced portfolio, for investors of all ages.


Bond Resource Center

Beginners and experts alike will find all they need to navigate the fixed income market at our Bond Resource Center. Graphical tools, independent research, and a streamlined search functionality help to demystify the bond market, enabling users to identify investment opportunities as easily as they can for stocks and mutual funds. Log in and explore.

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