2023 year-end tax-planning checklist

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Steps you can take now to help make April 15, 2024 less taxing­­—from retirement planning to reviewing your investments, and more.

Taxes are a fact of life. With that in mind, here are several things you might consider as you prepare for tax season—from year-end retirement planning to reviewing your portfolio and updating your investment goals. It’s not an exhaustive list, and not all items may apply to you, but it’s a good starting place. For specifics about your own tax situation, please consult a tax advisor.

  1. Review your withholding to make preliminary tax estimates and adjust income or spending, if appropriate
  2. Visit etrade.com/taxguide to view our Current Rates and Brackets guide.


  3. Consider making a 2023 IRA contribution and create or refresh your retirement plan to help stay on track for retirement
  4. Maximizing your allowable annual contribution may provide potential tax advantages, and it’s important to have a clear retirement plan and to review and update it every year. It’s important to have a clear retirement plan and to review and update it every year. Check out our retirement planning page at etrade.com/retirement to start a plan or double check the one you already have.

    Key dates:

    Dec 29, 2023—Last day to process a Roth IRA conversion or open a 401(k) for tax year 2023.

    April 15, 2024—Last day to contribute to an IRA for 2023.


  5. Think about making a charitable contribution to potentially maximize your giving to a favorite cause
  6. Donations of qualified appreciated stock may be a way to give more to a cause you support. It's easy to do online at etrade.com/donations—or at etrade.com/spdonations for stock plan participants. (Note that if your E*TRADE account transitioned to Morgan Stanley, you'll need to update any previously saved giftee information to make a donation.)

    Key dates: 

    Dec 1, 2023—Last day to process a donation of options or mutual funds for 2023. (Requests received later will be processed on a best-efforts basis.)

    Dec 14, 2023—Last day for processing a donation of stock, bonds, or cash for 2023. 


  7. Review your gains, losses, expenses, income, and distributions to help spot opportunities to reduce your 2023 taxes
  8. Remember that certain investment distributions may be taxed as ordinary income, while others may qualify for a tax deduction. Visit etrade.com/gainloss to see your gains and losses (or etrade.com/spgainloss for stock plan participants). Don’t forget to consult your tax or financial advisor for information on your holdings, as well as the timing of any future investments you may be considering.

    To plan for future tax seasons, learn more about tax loss harvesting and how you can incorporate tax-efficient strategies into your long-term investing.


  9. Bookmark the E*TRADE Tax Center where your Forms 1099 and other tax documents will be posted starting in late January
  10. You’ll find the Tax Center at etrade.com/tax. Also check out our guide for reading tax forms, which will be available alongside your forms, plus many other key tax-related articles and resources.

    If you have a stock plan account, you’ll also find how-to guides (under Resources and Support) for stock plan tax reporting that explain how to use the Stock Plan Transactions Supplement when preparing your return.

    Important: If your E*TRADE account transitioned to Morgan Stanley in 2023, you may receive two tax forms for 2023: one for your original E*TRADE account that reports all activity before the transfer date (the form name shown in the Tax Center will include “ETS”), and a second for your converted account that reports all activity after the transfer date (the form name will include “MSSB”). You may need to reference both forms in order to file your tax return. Please note there may be a slight timing difference in the availability of the two forms.  

    Key dates:

    By Jan 31, 2024—Forms 1099-R and 1099-Q for retirement accounts will be mailed and accessible online.

    By Feb 15, 2024—Forms 1099 for brokerage and stock plan accounts will be mailed and available online. The Stock Plan Transactions Supplement will also be available online.


  11. Visit the tax section in the E*TRADE Knowledge Library to boost your skills and know-how around taxes and investing
  12. Find articles and resources on everything from getting ready for Tax Day to tax-savvy giving, understanding the alternative minimum tax, and much more—all at etrade.com/taxknowledge.

    Always a good idea to do some end of year maintenance on your account

    It’s quick and easy—just visit etrade.com/benechange.

    °    Designate or update your account beneficiaries to make sure they're consistent with your wishes

    °    Review and rebalance your portfolio—doing so regularly may help you stay aligned with your investment goals

    Key dates:

    Dec 29, 2023—Last day to buy or sell stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs for 2023.

    Dec 27, 2023—Last day to open or close a short-sale position and have the transaction reported for 2023.

    For a complete list of important tax dates, visit etrade.com/taxschedule.

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