Roth IRA

Tax-free growth potential
  • Contribute on an after-tax basis and contributions grow tax-free
  • Withdraw contributions at any time
  • Find out if a Traditional or Roth IRA may be right
  • For accounts with $5,000 or more, get started with Adaptive Portfolio, our automated advisory solution.

up to $5,500/year

annual contributions (if under age 50)

up to $6,500/year

annual contributions (if age 50 or older)

Features of a Roth IRA

Withdraw contributions at any time

Eligibility information

Anyone with earned income that doesn't exceed income limits of $133K for single filers and $196K for joint filers is eligible for a Roth IRA

Tax-free distributions - image

Withdraw contributions at any time

Unlike a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA contributions may be withdrawn tax- and penalty-free

No required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) - image

Tax-free withdrawals on qualified distributions

Qualified distributions are tax- and penalty-free to both account holders and beneficiaries2

Flexibility - image

No required minimum distributions (RMDs)

No RMDs beginning at age 70½ for account holder


Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free trades

 for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works

Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free trades

 for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works

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