What is a Mobile Security ID?

A Mobile Security ID is a free mobile app that protects your account(s) by requiring entry of a unique six-digit code every time you log on. A new code is generated by the app every 30 seconds. Using this feature can keep out hackers in the unlikely event that your User ID and Password are compromised. Don't have a mobile device? Click here for a traditional Security ID.

How does it work?

  1. Download the free app (called "VIP Access") to your mobile device.
  2. Launch the app to display the unique Credential ID and six-digit Security Code.
  3. Register your Mobile Security ID to your E*TRADE account.


The next time you log on your account:

  • Enter your User ID in the User ID field of the logon box.
  • Enter your Password and the Security Code from the launched VIP Access app in the Password field (with no spaces).

Register your Security ID

Already have a Security ID and need to register it, click here? You'll be prompted to log on, so please have your User ID and Password ready.

Additional Information

For information on logging on when you don't have your device available, click here.