What to consider before your next trade

E*TRADE Securities


Successful trading starts well before you click "Buy". In this 3-minute video, Rick Swope of E*TRADE tells you exactly what you need to know before you enter your first trade. Stepping onto the trading floor is like going in the lion's den; this video will help you avoid being one of the sheep.

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There are many adages in the trading industry. A few of them are: “Buy low; Sell high”; “Nobody ever went broke ringing the cash register”; and “Bears and Bulls make money, but Pigs get slaughtered.” Interestingly, there is a motif underlying all of these sayings, and it has to do with managing risk.

Have you ever wondered about what factors affect a stock's price? Stock prices are determined in the marketplace, where seller supply meets buyer demand. But unfortunately, there is no clean equation that tells us exactly how a stock price will behave. That said, we do know a few things about the forces that move a stock up or down.

In this video, we'll answer the question, “What is fundamental analysis?” Learn how this process can help you evaluate the economic health and financial performance of the companies in which you may want to buy or sell stock.

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