Morgan Stanley’s 2024 Outlooks

"2024 is likely to be a 'tale of two halves,' with a cautious first half giving way to stronger performance in the second half of the year."

Articles that examine what’s ahead

Read in-depth summary analysis from Morgan Stanley investment managers and strategists looking at major asset classes, key investing themes, where the markets may be going, and how investors might respond.

2024 Investment Outlook: Threading the needle


Investors face tough choices but there may be opportunities in fixed income while remaining cautious on emerging markets and commodities.

2024 Global Macroeconomic Outlook: Central Banks Look for ‘Just Right’ on Rates


Morgan Stanley Research believes that there may be slowing global growth as central banks walk a fine line between inflation and recession.

Outlook: Three trends shaping the next decade of sustainable investing


New investment strategies, demand for resources and more stringent regulations are shaping the next decade of sustainable investing.

Insightful discussions on key investing topics

Hear timely insights on the latest events and forces shaping the markets in these segments from Morgan Stanley’s award-winning Thoughts on the Market podcast.

Debating the Outlook


Three topics animate this year’s discussion: lingering concerns about recession; China; and the challenging real estate market in the U.S.

2024 U.S. Economic Outlook


Our Chief U.S. Economist previews the key economic themes of 2024, including potential rate cuts, housing affordability, job growth and more.

The Return of the 60/40 Portfolio


After poor performance in 2022, a traditional 60/40 equity/bond portfolio could see an annual return around 8% over the next decade.

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