Morgan Stanley's 2023 Outlook

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The below compilation of podcasts explores Morgan Stanley Research outlooks on the markets and the economy for the year ahead.

2023 Global Macro Outlook: A Different Kind of Year

As we look ahead to 2023, we see a divergence away from the trends of 2022 in key areas across growth, inflation, and central bank policy. Chief Cross Asset Strategist Andrew Sheets and Global Chief Economist Seth Carpenter discuss.

2023 Global Strategy Outlook: Big Shifts in Dynamics

In looking ahead to 2023, the big dynamics of this year are poised to shift and investors will want to look for safety amidst the coming uncertainty. Chief Cross Asset Strategist Andrew Sheets and Global Chief Economist Seth Carpenter discuss.

U.S. Outlook: What Are The Key Debates for 2023?

The year ahead outlook is a process of collaboration between strategists and economists from across the firm, so what were analysts debating when thinking about 2023, and how were those debates resolved? Chief Cross Asset Strategist Andrew Sheets and Head of Fixed Income Research Vishy Tirupattur discuss.

2023 European Outlook: Recession & Beyond

Europe faces multiple challenges across inflation, energy and financial conditions, meaning investors will want to keep an eye on recession risk, the ECB, and European equities. Chief European Equity Strategist Graham Secker and Chief European economist Jens Eisenschmidt discuss.

A Bullish Turn on Asia and Emerging Markets

As Asia and Emerging Markets move from a year of major adjustment in 2022 towards a less daunting 2023, investors may want to change their approach for the beginning of a new bull market.

Is the U.S. Headed for a Soft Landing?

While 2022 saw the fastest pace of policy tightening on record, has the Fed’s hiking cycle properly set the U.S. economy up for a soft landing in 2023?

2023 Chinese Economic Outlook: The Path Towards Reopening

As investors have kept China’s road to reopening top of mind, what comes after reopening and how might the Chinese economy and equity markets be impacted? Chief China Economist Robin Xing and Chief China Equity Strategist Laura Wang discuss.

2023 Emerging Markets Outlook: Brighter Days Ahead

Looking to 2023, Emerging Markets and fixed income assets are forecasted to outperform, so what should investors pay close attention to in the new year?

A More Promising Start to 2023

2022 was an unusual year for stocks and bonds, and while the future is hard to predict, the start of 2023 is shaping up to look quite different across several metrics.