Mutual Funds

Broad diversification for many goals

It’s easy to see why mutual funds are a cornerstone of many portfolios. Comprised of individual securities such as stocks and fixed income securities, they offer a simple and efficient way to begin building a diversified portfolio3.

E*TRADE lets you choose from over 8,000 leading mutual funds with a wide range of strategies and objectives. Many are available with no loads and no transaction fees4. Another popular choice for long-term investing is target date mutual funds5. These funds change their investment strategy as you get close to your specified "target date".

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A smart move for...

Professional Management
The fund’s manager does the research and chooses investments, so you don’t have to.

Low-Cost Diversification3
Each mutual fund share represents ownership in possibly hundreds of different securities.

Investment Flexibility
Sell your fund shares one day, your proceeds are generally available the next.

Broad Choice
Mutual funds exist for virtually every asset class, investment strategy, and objective.

Why E*TRADE for Mutual Funds

State-of-the-art tools to help narrow down your choices.
Our mutual fund screener helps take the guesswork out of choosing investments.

Mutual fund recommendations from Financial Consultants6.
Get personalized guidance that’s always unbiased and complimentary.

Superior choice, value & convenience.
Choose from over 8,000 mutual funds, including 1,300 with no loads and no transaction fees4.

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