Get fast, easy IRA withdrawals for investors over 59½

  • Get immediate access to IRA savings
  • Make withdrawals any time, with no forms and no delays
  • Free debit card, checks, and online Bill Pay2

annual contributions



minimum age for eligibility

Eligibility information

Must already have an existing E*TRADE Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA. If an individual does not have an E*TRADE IRA, they can open one first, then upgrade online.

Easy access to cash
in the IRA

Access the IRA with free check writing, debit card, and Bill Pay without forms3

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) made easy

All withdrawals made from the E*TRADE Complete IRA will count toward an annual RMD

No annual IRA fees and no account minimums

Transaction fees, fund expenses, brokerage commissions, and service fees may apply

Trade more, pay less

With E*TRADE, you pay $0 commission for online stock, ETF, and options trades. Here’s a quick overview of our clear, competitive per-trade pricing.

E*TRADE Complete™ FAQs

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What are the eligibility requirements for E*TRADE Complete IRA?

  • Must be over age 59½
  • Must already have an existing E*TRADE Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA
  • If an individual does not have an IRA at E*TRADE, open one first and then upgrade online to an E*TRADE Complete IRA
  • All withdrawals via check writing, debit card, and Bill Pay will be considered IRA distributions and reportable on IRS Form 1099R. Federal and state income tax will not be withheld from these payments.
  • Residents of Connecticut are not eligible for an E*TRADE Complete IRA, since they are subject to mandatory Connecticut state tax withholding on all IRA distributions.
  • Residents of Michigan born on or after 1/1/1946 are subject to mandatory Michigan state withholding tax. A resident of Michigan must provide Form MI W4-P to opt out of state withholding before requesting an upgrade to an E*TRADE Complete IRA.

Can an individual have an E*TRADE Complete IRA if they are under age 59½?

An upgrade to an E*TRADE Complete IRA is only available after an individual reaches age 59½.

Is there a minimum check amount on an E*TRADE Complete IRA?

No. There are no minimum check amount requirements with an E*TRADE Complete IRA.

Can an individual write a check or use a debit card to withdraw their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)?

Yes. All withdrawals made from an E*TRADE Complete IRA will count toward the annual RMD. Learn more about RMD.

Will a tax form be sent after taking a distribution?

Yes. Form 1099-R (available by January 31st of each year) is generated for distributions taken from all IRA accounts. Tax records and other electronic documents can be accessed online through the Tax Center.

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