A full set of tools.
Plus instructions.

We’ll give you a full investor’s building kit: Information. Advice and guidance.2 Investment choices. Put them together any way you want and take on the market on your terms.

Get up to $600 and 60 days of commission-free trades when you open an account with $10k or more.How it works.


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Accounts that let you trade the way you want

Are you a control freak or laid back? Saving for retirement, or just playing the market? However you invest, we have an account to match.

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Managed solutions

No need to babysit your investments—E*TRADE Capital Management can do the work for you3

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Classic brokerage accounts

Place trades and get professional guidance about our full range of investment products

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Built for active traders, our pro-level tools give you more detailed info, idea-generating tools, and more4

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Retirement accounts

Plan your future, your way, with our simple planning tools and a full range of investment options

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Tools to monitor the markets

Our easy-to-use tools give you full access to your portfolio across all your devices:

  • View streaming market data10
  • Access our library of news and analysis
  • Trade any of your investments
  • Get real-time updates on your portfolio
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Your portfolio in your pocket

Our E*TRADE Mobile app lets you access the markets and manage your portfolio wherever you go:

  • Named the #1 Smartphone App by Stockbrokers.com11
  • Get alerts when market moves impact your portfolio
  • Get real-time market data
  • Place orders, access our market insights and more12
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Go pro to take even more control

E*TRADE Pro gives you powerful tools to analyze the markets, generate ideas, and execute trading strategies:

  • More detailed market data, including Level II quotes
  • Back-testing and other idea-generating tools
  • Powerful charting and visualization technology
  • Sophisticated options tools and analytics
  • Full trading access (of course)

Real help from real humans

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Financial Consultants

Get one-on-one guidance from our professionals13—by phone or in person at one of our branches. Call to talk to us now

Platinum user support

For select clients, E*TRADE offers platinum user support, including a dedicated investment professional to provide answers and advice.

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