Retirement planning

At E*TRADE, you don’t need to be a trader to work toward your dreams for tomorrow. We offer easy-to-use retirement solutions to help you set a realistic savings goal—and then create an action plan to help you get there.

Make your money work harder, so you don’t have to

Start saving now or continue planning. A Roth, Traditional, or Rollover IRA from E*TRADE can help get you on your way.

Tax advantages

IRAs offer potential tax benefits and can be used to roll over a 401(k) plan account with a former employer.

Easy and affordable

Setting up your E*TRADE IRA is quick and easy. There are no account fees* and no minimums to worry about.

Tools and resources

We have tools and guidance available if you need it. Use the IRA Selector tool to see if you qualify for a Traditional or a Roth IRA.

* Transaction fees, fund expenses, brokerage commissions, and service fees may apply.

Start investing today

Enjoy $0 commissions on online US-listed stock, ETF, mutual fund, and options trades with no account minimums.1


Focus on tomorrow, act today

One of the key advantages of retirement accounts is the opportunity for tax-deferred compounding. Compounding simply means the ability to reinvest earnings, if any, in an effort to generate even greater earnings over time. Use the tool below to see the power of compounding.

I'm 35 years old and I plan to retire at age 65

Current Age
Retirement Age
Rate of Return

Total value at retirement is $488,290*

Select an annual rate of return. This rate will be used to estimate the future balance of the hypothetical investment. Actual rates of return cannot be predicted and will vary over time.
*Value based on $6,000 annual contribution to age 49, and $7,000 annually thereafter.2

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Explore retirement accounts

Rollover IRA

Consider rolling over your old 401(k) plan assets to an E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley IRA

Consolidate assets from a former employer’s retirement plan.

Roth IRA3

Tax-free growth potential retirement investing

Pay no income taxes or tax penalties on qualified distributions if you meet certain requirements.

Traditional IRA

You may be eligible to make income tax deductible contributions

Earnings potentially grow tax-deferred until you withdraw them in retirement.