Returns information on rate limits for the current consumer key.


This API returns the rate limits that are applied to the specified consumer key, broken out by the Accounts, Market, and Order API modules.

The response specifies just the consumption rate, expressed as a number of requests and a time interval. For instance, a typical response might state that 7000 requests are allowed over an interval of 3600 seconds (one hour). It also tells how many requests are still available for the current interval, and the time at which the next interval will begin. Once the available requests for an interval are used up, no more requests are accepted for processing until the next interval begins at the time shown.

Error handling

When a request exceeds the limit, the system returns an HTML error page containing the message: "Number of requests exceeded the rate limit set", with the HTTP status code 400. At that point, depending on program design, a typical error-handler might call the limit API to determine whether the per-second or per-hour threshold has been exceeded.

If the response indicates that there are requests remaining for the defined interval, then the error was caused by too many requests per second. In that case, an application can re-issue the request after waiting the required fraction of a second.

However, if there are no requests allowed for the rest of the defined interval, the application will need to wait until a new interval begins (at the time indicated in the response). In this rare situation, if a pending action involves a trade or is otherwise time-sensitive, we suggest advising the user of the anticipated delay and requesting confirmation before proceeding.


HTTP Method: GET
Request Parameters
Property Type Description
oauth_consumer_key string The value used by the consumer to identify itself to the service provider.
oauth_token string The request token issued by the service provider.
module string The API module for which information is requested. Possible values are: ACCOUNTS, MARKET, ORDER.
Response Parameters
Property Type Description
oauth_consumer_key string The string used by the consumer to identify itself to the service provider
limitIntervalInSeconds integer The interval for which the limit applies, in seconds
requestLimit integer The number of requests allowed in the specified interval
requestsRemaining integer The remaining number of requests that the system will accept from the user in the current time interval
resetTime string The time when the next interval will begin
resetTimeEpochSeconds integer The time when the next interval will begin, in epoch time
Sample Request
Sample Response - XML
  <resetTime>02-25-2010 22:16:58 GMT</resetTime>
Sample Response - JSON
  "RateLimitStatus": {
    "consumerKey": "d85df5b910e3cb47b2a4cf26c20229ae",
    "limitIntervalInSeconds": "3600",
    "requestsLimit": "6500",
    "requestsRemaining": "6500",
    "resetTime": "02-25-2010 22:16:58 GMT",
    "resetTimeEpochSeconds": "1267136218"
  • The consumer key and token should be URL-encoded since they might contain invalid characters for a URL, such as a slash or ampersand.
  • For more information on rate limits, refer to our developer's guide on Rate Limits.

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