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Options Education Hosted by The Options Industry Council


Key concepts every options trader should know

Basic Intermediate Advanced
What is an option?

Option symbols

Options pricing

Long term options (LEAPS®)
Covered Calls

Index Options

Volatility and the Greeks

Profitable strategies for any market condition

Profitable strategies for any market conditions

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Long call

Long put

Short call

Short put

Covered call

Covered put

Married call

Married put

Bull call spread

Bear call spread

Bull put spread

Bear put spread

Long straddle

Short straddle

Long strangle

Short strangle

Call calendar spread

Put calendar spread

Cash secured put


Long butterfly

Short butterfly

Long iron butterfly

Short iron butterfly

Long condor

Short condor

Long iron condor

Short iron condor

TOOLS (Requires Flash 5 or higher)

Resources to find and evaluate trading opportunities

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Position Simulator Strategy Screener Pricing Calculators

Options INVESTigator


Essential options information — online, at your pace

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Options Basics

Symbol & quotes

Buying calls

Buying puts
Covered calls

Introduction to Spreading
Options Strategies in a Bullish Market
Options Strategies in a Bearish Market
Options Strategies in a Neutral Market
Options Pricing
  Trade Options with E*TRADE

Get Approved for Options Trading

Options Reference Information
Useful information at your fingertips.

OIC seminars

Options glossary

Taxes & investing

Options expiration calendar

Contract adjustments

Understanding stock options

Common questions from options traders.

General information


Options exercise


Option price behavior


Trade entry and execution

Options assignment

LEAPS® Cycles

Splits, mergers, spin-offs & bankruptcies

Technical information

Important Note: Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For more information, please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.

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