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As your company’s stock plan services provider, we are committed to helping you understand and make the most of the benefits you've been given.
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Here are resources to help you manage
your stock plan benefits

Clear insight into

Log on to your account to check the value of stock plan benefits, initiate transactions, and see upcoming events, such as vesting and expiration dates

Stock plan education
and calculators

We provide you with educational resources1 to help you understand your benefits and calculators to help you assess the potential impact of transactions

Tax resources

Stock plan benefits can come with special tax considerations. We’ll help you understand, prepare for, and manage them.

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A linked brokerage

You have a linked brokerage account to receive cash proceeds if and when you sell your stock plan shares. This account can be used to invest for the future.

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Help when you need it

Personalized support is just a click or phone call away. We have live dedicated phone support in five languages and language line translation in more than 170 languages.

We are here to:

  • Help you understand your stock plan benefits
  • Answer technical questions or assist with stock plan transactions
  • Provide guidance on incorporating your awards in a plan to reach your financial goals2

Visit our Online Service Center at etrade.com/servicecenter or call us at 1-800-838-0908, anytime.

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Resources to help put your proceeds to work

E*TRADE is here to help you integrate your stock plan proceeds into your household investment planning—whether it's to save to buy a home, plan for retirement, or just set up a “rainy day” fund. You might want to consider:

Easy access to your account via mobile

Manage your stock plan benefits from anywhere with the mobile app.

  • Check your account, accept grants, enroll in your ESPP, and place trades
  • View breaking market news and real-time quotes
  • Access free independent research from industry leaders
  • Invest in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options


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