Make the most of your stock plan account

You've got a stock plan account and access to a linked brokerage account from E*TRADE. The convenience of viewing your assets all in one place may help you when planning for a well-rounded portfolio to achieve your short- and long-term goals.

How does it all work?

Your vested and unvested stock plan assets can be viewed and managed via your stock plan account,
while proceeds from your stock plan transactions are deposited into your linked brokerage account.


Let’s take a closer look

Your stock plan account1

Where you can manage your equity benefits

  • View the value of your stock plan holdings
  • Make plan elections
  • Exercise options or sell stock plan shares
  • Access information and plan documents

 Your stock plan proceedskeyboard_arrow_right

Your linked brokerage account

Where proceeds from your stock plan transactions are deposited

  • Buy stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds
  • Build a diversified portfolio2
  • Move money to your account with free Transfer Money3
  • Use our tools to help plan for retirement

Start investing with your linked brokerage account

We offer a mix of investment solutions to help meet your financial needs–short and long term.

Bring your retirement assets under one roof

It’s easier to manage your money when it’s all in one place. At E*TRADE, you can roll over a former employer plan to an IRA.4

Tap into professional money management

E*TRADE Capital Management can build a portfolio customized to your needs.

Receive complimentary investment guidance

Explore ways to incorporate your stock plan into your overall financial plan.