Investment Advisory Accounts

Investment advisory services are offered through E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC (“ETCM”), an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  ETCM generally provides investment advisory services to individuals, joint accounts, trusts, charitable organizations, corporations, retirement accounts, and business entities residing in the United States. ETCM does not provide financial planning, estate planning, tax preparation, security rating and pension consulting, or market timing services. Not all account types are eligible for managed account enrollment.

ETCM acts as sponsor and investment adviser for four wrap fee programs. Under these programs, clients are able to invest in diversified portfolios containing one or more of the following types of securities: mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, or fixed income investments. ETCM charges only asset-based fees for its services and provides ongoing monitoring for adherence to clients’ strategies.   

Additional details about these advisory services can be found on the Managed Portfolios webpage and in ETCM’s Wrap Fee Programs Brochure