Systems Disruptions

Although E*TRADE attempts to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted functioning of its trading platforms and systems, E*TRADE does not guarantee uninterrupted market access or access to any feature or functionality it offers.  E*TRADE reserves the right to suspend market access during scheduled or unscheduled system repairs, upgrades, and modifications at any time without prior notice.  Systems response and account access times may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, and systems performance, among other things.

If E*TRADE is experiencing issues with one or more of its platforms, E*TRADE will endeavor to provide customers notice when practicable.  Systems disruptions may result in customers being unable to place orders, or even to obtain access to certain trading platforms, platform functionalities, order types, or order strategies.  Systems disruptions may also result in E*TRADE’s inability to process orders in a timely and orderly manner, or at all, and longer than normal hold times for Customer Service.  In addition, E*TRADE may, without prior notice, decline, reject, cancel, or reverse an order and may place trading, disbursement, and other restrictions on an account to comply with regulatory obligations or to protect E*TRADE or its customers from fraud, risk, or other conditions, including, but not limited to, high volatility, low liquidity, or other special or extreme market conditions.