Order Types

E*TRADE offers a variety of order types, subject to account and individual trading eligibility requirements and restrictions. Please note that not all similarly named order types function the same at all broker-dealers and that the terms of a particular order type at E*TRADE may vary from those of other broker-dealers in some cases. In addition, not every order type is available on every E*TRADE platform and application, or otherwise available at all times on any single platform or application. Prior to using an order type, you should review and become familiar with the order type’s terms. A detailed description of the terms of the order types available at E*TRADE can be accessed here.

E*TRADE may, without prior notice, modify the terms of any order types to comply with regulatory obligations or to protect E*TRADE and/or its customers from fraud, risk, or other conditions, including, but not limited to, high volatility, low liquidity, or other special or extreme market conditions. E*TRADE may impose certain trading restrictions during times of volatile or extreme market conditions or activity, including by restricting trading in certain security types or specific securities, restricting the use of certain order types or order strategies, cancelling certain types of existing orders, and/or increasing margin requirements for certain specific securities or accounts, among other things. E*TRADE may determine to take such action to protect either or both of its customers or E*TRADE at any time. Additional information on restrictions that may apply to certain order types is available here.