Trust and Estate Account

A full investing platform for estate administrators
  • Simplify estate administration and execution
  • Cash management tools including checking and bill pay
  • Access our full range of investment choices

Get a Trust or Conservatorship application


minimum initial deposit



mutual funds available with no-transaction fee4

Why open a Trust and Estate Account?

It’s a convenient way to oversee a trust, estate, or conservatorship. We put our trading tools, market info, and cash management features at your fingertips, making administration simpler.

Simple, powerful, administration

Simple, powerful administration

Trading tools, investment guidance, market info, and more—it’s a complete solution for administrators

Cash management features - image

Cash management features

Checking and bill pay features allow you to distribute assets and cover expenses as needed


A full range of investments- image

A full range of investments

Build a balanced portfolio that includes stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, options, and futures

Portfolio management - image

Guidance and advice

Get one-on-one guidance from our Financial Consultants5—by phone or in person at one of our branches.

$6.95 Stock and Options Trades3

Pricing details

$6.95 Stock and Options Trades3

Pricing details

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