Profit-Sharing Plan

A flexible retirement plan for small businesses
  • Contribute up to 25% of an employee's income annually
  • Employer contributions deductible as a business expense
  • Offers a full range of investment options
up to 25% of compensation or $53,000

annual contributions  

December 31

set up deadline for the plan

Why open a Profit-Sharing Plan?

It’s a great way to give your employees a tax-deferred retirement savings benefit. And it's flexible, allowing employers to contribute varying amounts each year.


Flexible Contribution Amounts - image

Eligibility information

Employees are eligible at age 21 and have worked at the company for at least one year (or two years if the plan does not have a vesting sechedule)

Tax benefits - image

Flexible contribution amounts

Employers can contribute up to $53,000 or up to 25% of their income in 2016, percentage contributed can vary from year to year

More for you and your employees - image

Tax-deferred growth

All investment earnings are tax-deferred; participants pay taxes only upon distribution

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More for you and your employees

You can create a vesting schedule for the plan, and your employees can borrow money against their accounts

Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free trades

 for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works

Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free trades

 for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works

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