OneStop Rollover IRA

Transfer the assets from an old employer plan directly into an E*TRADE Securities IRA
  • Enroll in a professionally managed, diversified portfolio of ETFs
  • Let E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC manage your IRA3
  • Rollover assets are invested in Adaptive Portfolio—an automated advisory solution
  • Use the Plan Options tool to see all the choices for an old employer plan


minimum initial investment


annual advisory fee4

Features of the E*TRADE OneStop Rollover IRA

Roll over and invest in one step - image

Roll over and invest in one stop

Answer a few questions online and get a recommended diversified portfolio based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon

Portfolio design for your needs - image

Professionally managed diversified portfolio 

When the assets arrive, they'll automatically be invested 

Ongoing monitoring - image

Ongoing monitoring

The portfolio is monitored on an ongoing basis and rebalanced to help keep you on track5

Tax advantages

As with all IRAs, retirement assets remain tax-deferred 


No advisory fee for the first six months

when you enroll now1,2 Offer details


No advisory fee for the first six months

when you enroll now1,2 Offer details

Annual advisory fee. Professional management.

With the OneStop Rollover IRA, pay a flat annual advisory fee of 0.30% based on assets under management.6

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