Fixed Income Portfolios

Custom investment-grade bond portfolios

  • Collaborate with your own dedicated Financial Consultant
  • Get a custom bond portfolio built by a respected portfolio manager
  • Meet your needs with taxable and tax-free portfolios
  • Get ongoing support from a dedicated Financial Consultant
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Why invest with Fixed Income Portfolios?

Building and managing a diversified bond portfolio takes time and specialized skills. With Fixed Income Portfolios, you get a professionally managed bond portfolio customized to your needs.

One-to-one support

You get a dedicated Financial Consultant who works with you to determine your needs and supports you throughout your relationship

Experienced manager

Based on your goals, a respected third-party portfolio manager builds a diversified bond portfolio for you from scratch

Direct ownership

You own the individual securities in your portfolio, giving you full transparency into how your assets are managed 

Flexible choices

Choose taxable or tax-advantaged bonds, as well as actively managed or laddered portfolios with staggered maturity dates

top view of a workshop bench with measuring tape, tools, and a tailor cutting out a template of a vest

Bond portfolio built for you

Collaborate with your dedicated Financial Consultant to tailor a bond portfolio based on your specific needs, risk tolerance, and timeline.

  • Customize your bond portfolio with either investment-grade corporate bonds or municipal and US government bonds
  • Choose from taxable or tax-free bond portfolios to help meet your tax-planning needs
  • In an effort to deliver stronger returns, actively managed portfolios are adjusted in response to changing market conditions
  • Laddered portfolios seek to minimize risk by purchasing bonds with staggered maturities. As bonds mature, the proceeds are reinvested in new bonds.
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Choice, value, and control

You always have direct input into your investment strategy and how your assets are being managed.

  • Get access to respected third-party portfolio managers and specialized strategies at competitive pricing
  • Direct ownership of underlying securities lets you track investment activity and request adjustments if needed
  • Blended annual advisory fees range from 0.65%–0.75% for actively managed and 0.35%–0.45% for laddered portfolios with no additional trading commissions or transaction fees charged by us
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Professional bond management

Benefit from the specialized skills and experience of our handpicked third-party bond portfolio managers.

  • Get access to respected portfolio managers, such as BlackRock, RNC Genter, Boyd Watterson, and Nuveen
  • All the bond research, buying, and selling is done for you by a team of seasoned professionals
  • Your portfolio manager will closely monitor your portfolio, making adjustments to help manage risk and keep you on track

How much does it cost?

Fixed Income Portfolios Pricing

Account market value Blended annual advisory fee
  Actively Managed Portfolios Laddered Portfolios
First $1,000,000 0.75% 0.45%
Next $2,000,000 0.70% 0.40%
Next $1,000,000 and more 0.65% 0.35%

Annual Fee Calculator

Enter your initial investment amount to calculate your fee

Minimum investment: $250,000

Actively Managed Portfolios

Annual fee*

*Based on 0.65%–0.75% blended annual fee

Laddered Portfolios

Annual fee*

*Based on 0.35%–0.45% blended annual fee

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