Take control with our powerful tools
  • Get more in-depth charts, research, and market data with E*TRADE Pro2
  • Use advanced tools, including Strategy Scanner for backtesting and idea generation
  • Customizable settings to match your trading preferences

30 trades per quarter/
$250k in assets

minimum transactions to qualify for E*TRADE Pro status


minimum opening account balance

A day in the life of your E*TRADE Pro Account

Looking inside the markets

Don’t just follow the ticker—get in-depth info on the market, with level II stock quotes, advanced charts, streaming CNBC3 coverage and more.

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Opportunities may be discovered

Use advanced tools like real-time strategy recognition, Strategy Scanner4 for backtesting, and a calculator that hypothecates whether your stocks may hit specific price targets.

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Beyond up and down

How’s your portfolio doing? Get the full story, with info about your total equity, buying power, current positions, and more.

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Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free trades for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works

Get up to $600 plus 60 days of commission-free trades for deposits of $10k or more.1 How it works

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