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Tailored portfolios, personalized support

  • Work with a Financial Consultant to tailor your portfolio
  • We manage your investments to help keep you on track
  • Monitor your performance online 24/7
  • Get help whenever you need it
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Why invest with Blend Portfolios?

Free yourself from the daily responsibilities of investing. Work with a Financial Consultant to choose a portfolio that’s tailored to your needs and managed to help keep you on track.

Personalized support

A Financial Consultant takes the time to get to know you before recommending a diversified portfolio for your needs

Tailored portfolio

Based on your needs, we tailor your portfolio according to your investing goals, tax situation, and strategy preferences

Great value

Get the benefits of professional portfolio management with a low initial investment and advisory fees ranging from 0.65%–0.90%

Full transparency

With our digital dashboard, you always know what you’re invested in, how your portfolio is performing, and exactly what you’re paying

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Investing tailored to you

With Blend Portfolios, you guide how your assets are managed while we handle the daily responsibilities of investing.

  • Work with a Financial Consultant to choose a diversified portfolio based on your goals, timeline, and risk tolerance
  • Based on your preferences, your portfolio may include exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, or a strategic blend of both
  • Customize your approach with taxable and tax-sensitive portfolios, socially responsible investments or portfolios, and smart beta investments
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Clarity, value, and control

You’ll never have to wonder what you’re paying, how you’re doing, or how your assets are being managed.

  • Monitor your performance through our digital dashboard and update your investment strategy at any time
  • Enjoy competitive pricing with blended annual advisory fees from 0.65%–0.90% with no trading commissions or transaction fees
  • Get a broadly diversified portfolio designed to match your investment needs and help manage risk at an affordable price
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Professional portfolio management

We work with you to choose a portfolio, and then do all the buying and selling for your account based on your needs.

  • Get a balanced mix of non-proprietary investments handpicked by our experienced investment strategy team
  • We closely monitor and rebalance your portfolio to help keep you aligned with your goals
  • We’ll keep you informed of key market events and trends that may affect your portfolio
  • Get ongoing support whenever you have questions or want to discuss your strategy or your account

How much does it cost?

Blend Portfolios pricing

Account market value Blended annual advisory fee
First $100,000 0.90%
Next $150,000 0.80%
Next $250,000 0.75%
Next $500,000 0.70%
Next $1,000,000 and more 0.65%

Annual Fee Calculator

Enter your initial investment amount to calculate your fee

Minimum investment: $25,000

Annual fee*

*Based on 0.65%–0.90% blended annual fee

Have questions? Call us at 800-387-2331 or visit a branch.

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