Adaptive Portfolio

An automated advisory solution
  • Diversified ETF portfolios, monitored and rebalanced to help
    keep you on track3
  • Online managed account customized to your needs4
  • Get help from our team whenever you need it5


initial portfolio minimum


annual advisory fee

Why an Adaptive Portfolio?

E*TRADE Capital Management’s robo advisor combines professional management with the speed and responsiveness of technology.

Easy to enroll

We’ll guide you through a few simple questions, then recommend a diversified portfolio for you

Automatic rebalancing3

Responsive technology will monitor and rebalance your portfolio to help keep you on track


Low 0.30% annual advisory fee with no trade commissions, though underlying fund expenses will apply

Great service

Check your account online 24/7 and call our team of Investment Adviser Representatives anytime you need assistance5

Customized to your needs image

Customized to your needs

Answer a few questions online and get a recommended diversified portfolio based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon.  

  • Available for brokerage, IRA, and small business accounts
  • We don’t offer proprietary products, so our portfolios are built with your goals in mind—not ours
Built by experts image

Monitors and adapts

Our technology is always on the job. It monitors your portfolio and rebalances your investments to help keep you on track.

  • If your investment goals change, you can reset your Investor Profile online at any time
  • Check your portfolio holdings anytime by computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • We'll keep you informed with monthly market insights and commentary specially prepared by our professionals 

Adaptive Portfolio FAQs

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How does E*TRADE Capital Management keep their clients' interests in mind?

We build and manage an Adaptive Portfolio based on a client’s stated investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and other considerations. The Investor Profile Questionnaire was diligently developed and tested to help match clients to their investor profile. Our risk-based allocations consider Modern Portfolio Theory for each investor profile. Finally, we provide access to a team of Investment Adviser Representatives that clients can speak to when they have a question or need additional information.

What criteria does E*TRADE Capital Management use to pick investments for a portfolio?

For each asset class (such as equities or fixed income), E*TRADE Capital Management selects investment holdings that, when combined in broad-based asset allocation strategies, seek to provide a high level of return potential for a given level of risk over the long term, generally three years or longer. That’s called risk-adjusted return potential.

Each investment selection is made by analyzing a spectrum of key data points, such as historical performance, expenses, tracking error, and liquidity. E*TRADE Capital Management reviews and evaluates the investment holdings in a portfolio on an ongoing basis to see if any material withdrawals or deposits are made, and rebalances the account semiannually.

How does Adaptive Portfolio rebalance an account?

Adaptive Portfolio uses technology to monitor client accounts. E*TRADE Capital Management reviews the portfolio to see if any material deposits or withdrawals are made, and rebalances it semiannually to help keep clients in line with their target allocation. It’s a technology-driven, disciplined approach that helps take the human emotion out of the equation.

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