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2-Second Execution Guarantee

Your E*TRADE execution speed advantage

At E*TRADE, we know that rapid order execution is essential in today’s fast-moving stock and ETF markets. That’s why we are proud to stand behind our trading capabilities with a 2-second order execution guarantee.

We guarantee that your qualifying market orders for all S&P 500® stocks and ETFs available through E*TRADE Securities will be executed in 2 seconds or less—or you will receive a commission-free trade from us.

E*TRADE utilizes advanced technology to quickly route your order in pursuit of liquidity and price improvement opportunities. What’s more, our order-monitoring capabilities allow you to view the precise execution speed of any trade you place. When you trade with E*TRADE, you can trade with confidence.

2-Second Execution Guarantee Details

Eligible Orders

  • Qualifying orders are limited to market orders between 100 and 500 shares to buy, sell, or buy-to-cover any stock included in the S&P 500® Index or any ETF available to trade through E*TRADE Securities
  • Only orders received between 9:45 a.m. and 3:59 p.m. ET are eligible (times subject to adjustment for late market opening or early closing)
  • Execution speed is calculated based on the time of order receipt by E*TRADE Securities and the time that the executing market center provides notification of a fill for the completed order
  • Qualifying orders placed through etrade.com, E*TRADE Pro, E*TRADE 360 and E*TRADE Mobile are all eligible


Ineligible Orders

  • Qualifying orders do not include short sales; canceled or changed orders; orders entered for the same security on the same side of the market within 20 seconds of each other; sell orders for a stock or ETF in an account with a short options position in the same underlying security; extended hours orders; orders directed by the customer to specific market centers; stock legs of complex option orders; buy orders for stocks or ETFs trading under $1; or broker-assisted orders
  • In addition, the guarantee does not apply to orders that are live during interruptions in communications or other system interruptions; orders stopped for price improvement; orders entered when there are locked, crossed, or halted market conditions in that stock or ETF; certain orders in listed stocks or ETFs that would cause the issue to trade at a new intraday high or low; or fast market conditions in the stock or ETF for which the order is entered
  • ETFs included in E*TRADE’s commission-free ETF program are not eligible

Commission-Free Trades

E*TRADE is committed to ensuring that your qualifying orders are executed in less than two seconds. Otherwise, we’ll give you a commission-free trade.

  • If your account qualifies for a commission-free trade, it will be available prior to the market open of the next trading day and will be automatically applied to the next trade eligible for the 2-Second Execution Guarantee
  • Commission-free trades are available for one calendar year after issuance and may not be converted to cash. Up to 100 commission-free trades per account may be accumulated
  • Other fees may apply to commission-free trades
Please note that E*TRADE Securities reserves the right to change or revoke the 2-Second Execution Guarantee at any time for any or all of the individual stocks in the S&P 500 Index or ETFs. None of the provisions of this program affect, alter, or revise any of the terms and conditions in the Customer Agreement. The sole remedy provided for failure to meet the 2-Second Execution Guarantee on a single order is one commission-free trade.