E*TRADE OneStop Rollover IRA

Just like that, turn your old workplace 401(k) into a managed IRA

Transfer the assets from your old workplace retirement plan directly into a Rollover IRA. Answer a few questions about your financial goals, investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance and enroll in a professionally managed portfolio of ETFs or ETFs and mutual funds from E*TRADE Capital Management.

The E*TRADE OneStop Rollover IRA2 helps you stay on track with your retirement goals. Benefits include:

Tax Advantages
As with all IRAs, your retirement assets remain tax-deferred.

Powerful Diversification
Your assets will be invested in a diversified portfolio of ETFs or ETFs and mutual funds.

24/7 Access
No more neglecting your old retirement accounts. A transfer into an E*TRADE OneStop Rollover allows you to track holdings, performance and transactions from any desktop or supported mobile device.

Value that goes beyond low rates
Get started with just $10,000 in investable assets. You pay no trade commissions, just one low net annual advisory fee. Transaction fees, fund expenses, brokerage commissions and service fees may apply.

Step 1Roll over

Call 1-877-921-2434 for step-by-step guidance from an E*TRADE Rollover Specialist, or open your E*TRADE OneStop Rollover IRA online.

Step 2 Approve a Plan

After you have completed your online Rollover IRA account application, E*TRADE Capital Management will recommend a professionally managed portfolio of investments based on your retirement needs and tolerance for risk. Upon your accepting the advisory agreement, your old 401(k) or other retirement accounts will be automatically invested in that portfolio when they arrive. 

Step 3 Automatically Rebalance

Your E*TRADE OneStop Rollover IRA is monitored by E*TRADE Capital Management, and rebalanced as necessary to help keep your portfolio on track. 

Take Control Today

Call an E*TRADE Rollover Specialist at 1-877-921-2434 for help rolling over your old 401(k), or open your new E*TRADE OneStop Rollover IRA online.