Chart trading

If you are a chart technician that has been studying patterns, cycles, statistical relationships, and candlesticks movements, then this feature is for you! If you haven’t been doing these things, then this feature is still for you! We wanted to make Chart Trading intuitive so that beginners easily grasp it and chart experts quickly become much more efficient. The whole point of Chart Trading is to allow you to keep your focus on the point of the chart that is driving your trading decision. That is why we allow you to find any point on your chart and create a limit order right there!


  • Chart Trading is a mode that is activated by clicking on the little up arrow/down arrow icon at the top of your chart.

  • Once in chart mode, you will see your mouse control a blue price cursor within the chart.
  • A single click on any price point on your chart will display the Buy/Sell bubble menu.

  • If you are above the current price the choices will be Buy Stop and Sell Limit. Below the current price will give you Buy Limit and Sell Stop.
  • The quantity is your default quantity for the product you are charting, and the limit price is simply where you clicked on the price axis.
  • Clicking on a buy or sell action will populate your order ticket; from there, the work flow for placing your order is the same as before.
  • Once your order is sent, you will see your open order displayed within the chart.

  • You can drag and drop open orders shown on the chart to modify the limit price. The new limit price will be created at the price where the order is dropped. Your modified order ticket will pop up for confirmation.
  • You can cancel any working order by a single click on the little x next to the open order bubble.
  • Currently, we support the main order types: Limit, Stop on Quote, Trail Stop on Quote, Hidden, and Reserve orders. Stay tuned, we plan to introduce more orders types soon.

Option Chain Open Orders Indicator

Managing a large options position means different things to each trader. Some define “large” as holding a thousand contracts, some say it is having positions on forty-five different strikes, and others say that their one lot is large. All of these are true, so whatever your definition, we want to make managing working orders as easy as possible. Now all of your working orders can be seen right next to the strike on the options chain and modified without leaving the chain.


  • Bring up a chain that contains an option for which you have an open order, and you will see a small indicator at the top of the strike.
  • Click on that indicator to bring up a detail and action window for the open order.
  • From the detail window, you can also cancel, modify, or copy the order.

    For illustration only. Not a recommendation.
  • The indicator will show on the left for Call orders and the right for Put orders.
  • This indicator works for all orders, including spreads.
  • If you have multiple orders on the same option, the first click will allow you to choose the order that you would like more detail and the second click will take you to the detail and action window.

Action Menu on Strategy Option Chains

Our Action Menus are a great way to quickly access what you need with a single click so you can go from thought to action as easily as possible. Now you can get to the Action Menus from the option chain while viewing any of the Strategy Option Chains.


  • To enable Strategy Option Chains, select an option spread from the top left drop-down choice of the option chain.
  • While viewing Strategy Option Chains all of the data points shown are for the strategy selected. 
  • Click on any option or strategy in the option chain to bring up the Action Menu.
  • The Action Menu will display your possible selections for navigating the application as it relates to the specific option spread you selected.

Hotkey map

We recently introduced hotkeys to help you navigate the software. It’s been a few weeks, and a handful of you have requested a reminder as to what each hotkey is—and you do not want to go through the menu to receive said reminder. Now there is a hotkey for your hotkeys!


  • Hold down the shift key for three seconds and voila, a hotkey will appear. Release the shift key, and it disappears.
  • Stay tuned for more hotkey improvements, and keep the feedback coming!

Futures calendar spread

As you have noticed, the Quote page changes to accommodate the product you are viewing. For our futures trades, we display all of the available calendar spreads for the root contract selected. These calendar spreads are now sorted by the spreads with the highest volume.

Email notification settings

Being a successful trader depends on being in the know—and staying on top of your account is critical. We want to make sure that you are informed any time something happens for all your alerts. Now you can choose between email accounts or just a message to your application. To adjust your notification settings, go to the Configuration Settings within the Notifications section.