Watch List News! Get your Watch List News!

Now that you can filter out your news to only see specific symbols we decided to take the next logical step, which is to filter out your news by an entire list of symbols. With the Watch Lists filter for news you can now select your defined Watch List from the symbol entry box and view the news for only those symbols in the list.

  • Navigate to the News page and click in the Symbol Entry box. At the bottom of the list you will see your recently viewed Watch List.
  • From here you can just click on the name of your Watch List and you will only see news for symbols that are in that list.
  • The news articles that mention a company either directly or indirectly are deemed associated, and then tagged with that company’s symbol.
  • All of the news is sorted by the most recent at the top.


When your trade needs help – You call Protection

We're adding Protection to our first round of Adjust tools. Selecting Protection from the Adjust tool menu will bring up the adjustment to buy one put for every 100 shares for stock. If you are short the stock, like all of the adjustments, the tool will do the opposite and buy one call for every 100 short shares.

  • Navigate to your Positions page and click on the position that you wish to protect and choose Adjust from the Quick Action menu.
  • Choose Protection from the Adjust tool you will see the Adjustment trade.
  • The Adjustment is a protective put that is one strike out of the money.
  • The option is always the next monthly expiry that is at least one full week from expiring.
  • Click on Create Order in the lower right and your Order Ticket will appear where you can modify the expiry, strike, limit price or any other detail of the order.


Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger…Mainly Faster!

Normally our performance improvements result in you seeing an indirect benefit. However, with our latest enhancements you will not be able to avoid the benefits. In order to explain please allow me to get a little technical.

An analogy for our platform could be a series of tubes, akin to a children’s play place at your local fast food restaurant. Inside this complex system of interconnecting tubes live many layers of rules defining which way the kiddos can travel. Some sets of rules will lead to the ball pit, others will lead down slides, and some just lead to the glorified dead ends with a small fake steering wheel. Over time, as the play place expands, the rules can conflict to a point where some tubes lead to dead ends jam packed with ball pit balls. So with this release we rearranged the tubes and simplified the rules, now all of your tables (Positions page, Options chain, Orders page) scroll much faster.