Protection & Income Strategy

We are excited to introduce a new strategy member to our Adjust tool strategies: Protection & Income. On the off chance that you are not an avid reader of these release notes, we remind you that the Adjust tool is found by either clicking the Adjust (wrench) icon in the quick action row or by choosing the Adjust button on the Position Action Menu. This is where you will find the new strategy choice Protection & Income.

  • This strategy is applicable to any of your optionable stock positions with 100 shares or more
  • Once you choose Protection & Income from the Adjust tool, you will see the adjustment trade
  • The adjustment is a combination of a protective put (that’s the protection part) and a covered call (you guessed it, income)
  • These two options can be sent to the market as one trade—simply click on "Create Order" in the lower right corner
  • Your order ticket will appear where you can modify the expiry, strike, limit price or any other detail of the order


Ice-Cold Hotkeys

Let's be honest: Navigating around the platform with your mouse can be a little too time consuming. If you agree, you can now activate hotkeys. These will allow you to quickly change pages, bring up a buy or sell order ticket, or activate the User Configuration Settings menu without taking your hands off the keyboard.

  • Hotkeys can be activated by navigating to the Platform Settings <Shift+T> section of the Platform settings menu
  • Once activated there is map of all the currently available hotkeys. (watch for more to come)
  • The buy <Shift+B> and sell <Shift+S> hotkeys will bring up the order ticket which you can then edit
  • The buy and sell hotkeys can further be used to decrease or increase the quantity by repeating the hotkey action


Hiding Sub-Orders

We have noticed that a growing number of you group account users have too many orders to make the Orders page more usable. First of all, we consider everyone that has this problem close personal friends. Secondly, we determined that this is usually caused by the number of Sub-Orders displayed. Now, when you are in a group account, you can filter those Sub-Orders so you will only view the main Group order.

  • This filter is available on your Orders page only when in a group account view
  • Using the filter is easy: Click on the Sub-Order toggle switch at the top right of the Orders page
  • When this toggle is set to Hide, all sub orders will be hidden and the only orders shown will be the main group orders sent


Technical events for Futures

We are always excited to expand helpful features to more products. Now all of the technical analysis tool tips you have become accustomed to overlaying on your stock charts are also available on your futures charts.

  • From the Charts page, bring up a futures contract and adjust your frequency to daily.
  • You will see the Technical Events icon is active and clickable, so click it.
  • You can filter to only view the Event Class in which you are interested (e.g., classic, short-term, indicators, oscillators)
  • You can turn on the Education is a toggle at the top of the chart, so that you get a full description of any Event you hover over.
  • Clicking on the Event will draw the study or drawing integrated right on your chart.
  • The Support/Resistance drop down menu will allow you to determine how far back the data should be used to calculate these levels. You can also choose "none" if you are not interested in the support and resistance levels.
  • As always, you can quickly remove a study or drawing overlaid on your price chart by right clicking it.


Filter Menu Cleanup

This feature fell into the “simplify and save space” bucket of improvements. For all the Account pages that have tabular details, we have pulled the filter icon out of the settings menu and gave it a home on the top row. The Filter icon will remain on this top row and will become highlighted when any filters are applied. This same change has been applied to the Order Book widget as well.

  • On your Orders, Positions, and History pages the filter icon is now on the top row.
  • Click on this icon to select the items you want to see, deselect the items you do not want to see, and then click save.
  • You can see that the icon is highlighted when a filter is applied, to reset the filters click again on the icon and choose "Reset."


Sorting Columns

Speaking of clean and simple, this was the same idea behind the small change to sorting. Clicking on headers of columns in your Accounts page will still sort in ascending order, the second click will sort in descending order, and a third click will unsort. Doing this three-click method allows us to save an entire row at the top of the given page and thus making the page cleaner and more concise.


Risk Slide Status Improvements

The Risks Slide page can do some fancy tricks when it comes to displaying the risk points for one, many, or all of your positions. You can select and deselect specific parts of your portfolio to be included in your overall Risk Slide.

  • You can now keep the underlying positions (or parts of your positions) selected or deselected as you navigate away from, and back, to the Risk Slide
  • This same behavior is true for highlighting one of your positions
  • For more details on the Risk Slide functionality, please see the Risk Slide release notes


Beyond the Edge: The Order Ticket

Traditionally the Order Ticket has been trapped by the edge of the platform. Now we have broadened its horizons. You can drag the Order Ticket up, down, left, or right. This allows you to adjust your order and still see the important parts of the platform.

  • Bring up your Order Ticket and place your cursor on the header bar.
  • You will see that you can move the Order Ticket as far as you like, except completely off the screen


New News about News

Our News page is beginning its journey into a more informative, timely, and topical tool. First up on this list is the ability to filter out the News page by symbol. This feature is pretty straight forward: just go to the News page and at the top you will see the symbol entry box.

  • Enter a symbol, and you will see only news that relating to that symbol
  • The top six articles relevant to your symbol will appear, with the most recent news at the top


Price on the Spectral Analysis Tool

We continually work to improve our Spectral Analysis tool; one of the small improvements we've made is to allow the ability to manually enter the price field on Spectral Map. (The Spectral Analysis is found on the TradeLab page under Trading.)

  • You can see the theoretical profit and loss for your analyzed trade on the right-hand side of the Spectral Map
  • You can still click on the point and time you want to set in the future, but now you can also enter the exact price by typing in the price box to the right


Chart Time Frame Updates

We wanted to make our defaults as smart as the chartist using them (you!) and so with that in mind, we changed how the chart frequency is determined when switching between time frames.  Now if you make a frequency change to one of your time frames, that frequency will remain until you (manually) change it.

  • On the Chart page, frequency is defined with the little drop-down menu to the right of the time frames
  • We have replaced the 20 day time frame with a 10-day


Feedback on Feedback Button

There have been some small visual changes to our feedback button.

  • At the top of the platform, there is a small link that reads "Send us feedback."
  • Click the feedback button to see it is more aligned.
  • And while you're there, tell us how great we are! But seriously, please give us feedback—we are only here to make the platform yours. Keep your suggestions coming!