Holdings percent for Quantity Assistant

We know managing multiple accounts can be difficult, so we focus on minimizing the effort involved. We’ve therefore introduced the ability to adjust your positions by adding to, or closing out, a specific percent of your holdings. Now, with our Quantity Assistant tool, you have the ability to add to your current holdings or decrease based on the percent you choose.

This means, for example, if you want to close 50% of your XYZ stock in five different accounts, just enter 50 in the Holdings percent box, and the tool will calculate and display the quantities for orders in all five of your accounts.

  • The Holdings percent box is added as a field in our Quantity Assistant tool.
  • Bring up your order ticket. If you are in a multiple account group, you will see a third tab at the top titled “Quantity Assistant.” If you do not see the Quantity Assistant tab, switch to an account group or “All accounts” at the top left.
  • From there you can manage your multiple account orders in several ways. To see the new holdings percent, click on the gear in the top right and choose “Select Columns.”
  • Only three columns are allowed at once, so you may have to uncheck one.
  • Typing in the Holding percent box will change the quantity by the percent you determine.
  • The rest is taken care of: Holding percent knows which accounts have what quantity of stock, understands how to round the quantities up or down (so it does not send fractional quantities), and it displays all of this for you to review and edit as you please.


Default Custom Group names

Due to your feedback, we are changing the default Custom Group names to recognize and display the option’s strike. The change is straight forward—we use the strikes in the name of the custom spread so that the default name easily details your spread.

  • Build your custom group as you have previously, but now when you add multiple strikes, those strikes appear in the strategy name by default.
  • You can still edit this name as you please, although now it may be less necessary.


Chart menus clarification

In a continuing effort to grant you access to all of the data points needed to make informed decisions, we have added the Quote Detail Tile to the options chain.

  • From any options chain, while in the call/put strategy chain, you can click on the small bento box menu to the far left of the Calls or Puts, which will reveal the Detail Tiles.
  • The third detail tile we have introduced is Quote: Quote has price data displayed for the particular option you choose.
  • This creates more room for data at the default options chain level.