Custom Grouping

If you are an options trader, you have a good understanding of all your positions. However, there are times when the position you would like to track and the position that is defined by regulators, are not the same. Now you can determine exactly how your options positions are grouped into spreads on your positions screen with the Custom Grouping tool!


Starting with the Custom Grouping tool

  • From your positions screen, click on any position. This will bring up the action menu where you will see the Grouping icon.
  • Within the Custom Grouping window, simply drag a position that needs to be regrouped from the left to the right.
  • You can drag full spreads or single legs of any position.
  • Once dropped on the right, your custom spread is built.
  • You can further customize your group by hovering over it and choosing “Split.” Splitting allows you to break up a single position that has a quantity greater than one.

Giving your Custom Group a name

  • Custom Grouping will name the group, either with single position or any spread it recognizes.
  • Once you have your custom group built (up to four legs), you can change the default name by clicking on the pencil icon that appears while hovering on the name.
Using Custom Groups
  • After your Custom Groups are built and named, you will see a small “C” chip next to any custom group.
  • You can now see all of the data for the custom group in the same format you see the rest of your positions.
  • To remove or regroup your custom group, click on the “C” chip, and you can use the same drag and drop methods used to build them.
  • To delete a single group, bring up the Custom Grouping menu, drag the group to the right, and hover over the group to view the garbage can icon.
  • You can reset all the groups for any given symbol by clicking on the cog in the top right of the Custom Grouping window.