Alert Manager

The Alert Manager has been the destination for you to maintain a close eye on your potential trades. The upgraded Alert Manager now streamlines your experience for quicker, more specific alert-setting. Alerts can be as simple as flagging a stock’s price movement or as complex as building a multiple-leg option strategy alert. Craft your strategy in the Alert Manager and you’ll be in better position to act on your trades.

  • Click the Bell in the top-right of the page to access Alert Manager

  • Quick alerts: Enter a ticker and specify the requirements for your alert
  • Click Activate to add the alert – then the tracking begins

  • From here you can click on Preview to review your trade and press Send to send the order to the street.
  • If you want more detail prior to previewing the order, just click the plus sign to maximize the order ticket.
  • Choose your filters to better sort your alerts by equity or status

Options Spread Alerts

We understand that your alert needs may not end with stock movement notifications. The new Option Alert center lets you easily construct an option spread and specify when to be alerted. Follow these steps for a walkthrough of this new addition to our web platform:

  • In the Alert Manager, click in the top-right of the window to “Create Option Alert”

  • Create a single-leg options alert or add multiple legs to track your strategy
  • Customize your alert at a price point and be ready for your next trade


Charts are one of the easiest and most useful ways to analyze securities. Charting on the platform has already been customizable and efficient, but sometimes it takes a more detailed approach to plan your investment goals. That’s why we’ve incorporated the Recognia Plugin, which offers a technical view of charts. Recognia will display important metrics and explain to you what it might mean going forward. Soon enough, you’ll be an expert on the security.

  • Toggle the “Frequency” on the Chart to 15min for intraday events or Daily for longer term events
  • Click the circular chart icon to access the Recognia Plugin

  • From here you can click through the metric points Recognia displays
  • Hover your mouse over a mark and read the explanation for its use
  • Use the info to have a better understanding of your next trade