Auto-minimize Option Order ticket

If you are an option spread builder then you probably already like how we allow you to click, drag, and drop option legs to build trades. You might even want us to mention how much you love that the details for the trade (Max Profit, Max Loss, Delta…) update as you drop the leg.

Well, now we are introducing the ability to remove an entire step from this process. There is now a setting to Auto-Minimize your order ticket when you start building your option spread.

  • From the Options page under the Trading tab click on the gear icon in the top right and select Auto-Minimize.

  • Auto-minimizing your order ticket means it will not pop up in front of your option chain while you are building your trade.
  • The important details of the order will be displayed in this minimized view.

  • From here you can click on Preview to review your trade and press Send to send the order to the street.
  • If you want more detail prior to previewing the order, just click the plus sign to maximize the order ticket.

Cleaning up the trader experience

Some of the platform pop up menu’s were confusing to close, so we added an "x" icon. Now, the Action Menu window (the menu that is shown when you click on a symbol or specific option) has the "x" at the top right. Click on this to close the window.

We also made the Symbol Entry box slightly wider. This aligns it with the design of the overall platform (and just makes it easy to type in).