Risk Slide updates

If we told you once, we have told you approximately 11 times: To understand trading is to understand your risks. We are therefore continuing our effort to simplify the Risk Slide tool. With this update, we have made reading the tool more intuitive.

  • The View menu now allows you to choose the exact name of the output you see.
    • P&L shows the dollar amount you would gain or lose at the given percentage market move.
    • Percent shows you the percentage of the overall Account Value you would gain or lose given the percentage market move.
    • Acct Mkt Value shows you the actual Account Value at those given market moves.
  • Range leaves nothing to be decoded. The percentage amount is what percentage change is shown and at what intervals.
    • In the example, "10% By 2" shows the Risk Slide columns down and up by 10% at intervals of 8, 6, 4, 2, and 0.

Holiday cleaning

We fixed a bug so that every time you delete a drawing, that drawing will remain deleted. Sometimes cleaning is pretty easy.