Customizable widgets

Widgets are to the trading platform what honey is to the beehive: the sweet, sticky goodness that all the humans love. These widgets show you things like account info, watch lists, live news, and much more. Instead of just being able to arrange where the existing widgets are shown, you can now add, remove, and duplicate any of the widgets you have available.

  • To customize your widgets, click on the Customize Widget icon in the top right of the platform.
  • You are now in the customize mode.
  • At the top of either side panel is a blank widget with a plus sign that you can click to add a new widget.
  • Once you click the plus sign, you will see all of the widgets you can add.

  • After your widgets are added you can drag and drop them to reposition where you please.
  • Deleting a widget from your layout is just as simple: While in customize mode, click on the little garbage can icon, and you will be asked if you are sure you want to delete.

LiveAction widget

Our LiveAction scanner contains a wealth of ideas. But with the LiveAction page a click or two away, these ideas aren't always readily available. To keep the ideas flowing, we are introducing the LiveAction Widget.

  • To add the new widget, open the Customize Widget menu discussed above and add a new widget.
  • From the list of available widgets, you will see the new LiveAction widget icon.

  • After you choose the LiveAction widget and exit customize widget mode, you will see three of the most popular LiveAction scans.
  • Though you are shown three scans by default, there is a list of 67 from which to choose. Click on the settings gear and choose Select Scans to see the whole list.

  • These scans update automatically every 30 minutes by default. This refresh rate can be edited in the settings as well.

Futures order history

Our Orders page under the Account tab can be viewed in many different ways, and we wanted to make sure it works as expected for each tradable product. Now when viewing your futures orders, "Today" is defined as the day the product next trades. So if the product opens at 6 p.m. ET, that is the start of the day, and the Orders page will reflect that.