Creating alerts from the Alerts Manager

Managing alerts you have created in the past is a helpful practice. Your alerts were set with a purpose, and a periodic refresher of that purpose can help keep your investment goals on track. Now you can create new alerts right from the Alerts Manager.

  • The Alerts Manager is found in the User Configuration window that is brought up by clicking the gear button at the top right of the page.
  • From the Alerts page you have the ability to Modify, Activate, Deactivate, and Delete.
  • And now Create.

Risk Slide improvements

Because understanding the risks of investing is of the highest importance, we keep our Risk Slide tool at the forefront of our priority list. With this release, we added the ability to see your theoretical Account Value change as securities in your account change in value.

  • From your Account tab choose the Risk Slide
  • At the top left you will find a View menu with the choice of Acct Mkt Value
  • This value displays your overall account value if the given underlying moves by the amount indicated at the top of the column

Option Chain transparency

  • Quickly see the days left until any given option series expires. Once you are on the option chain, hover over an option expiration, and you will see a pop-up message with the number of days until the options expire.