Chart view

Charting was recently voted traders' favorite pastime in an office water cooler poll. Riding high on this topical buzz, we decided to make our charts a little more useful. Now you can save the Display and any Study added to the chart for quick viewing.

  • The new Views dropdown menu is located at the top left of your chart.
  • Set your Display and add the Studies you need.
  • From here you can click on the Views menu, type in the name of your New View, and save.

  • Your View will be stored uniquely to your user, so you can pull up your Chart Views wherever you choose to log on.
  • You can save up to 10 Views
  • If you make a change while on one of your existing Views, you will be prompted to update that View. If you do not want to add the change to the existing View, click on Views and you can simply create a new View.

  • Deleting a View is as simple as loading a View; from the Views drop-down menu you will see a small "x" next to the name.