How do I deposit a check at E*TRADE?

All checks can be deposited by mail at one of the addresses below or at one of our branch locations nationwide. Checks should be made payable to E*TRADE Securities LLC and include your eight-digit E*TRADE account number on the memo line. If your check is for an amount less than $100,000, it can also be deposited via mobile check deposit on the E*TRADE Mobile app.

Regular U.S. Mail: Overnight Mail:

E*TRADE Securities LLC

PO Box 484

Jersey City, NJ 07303-0484


Harborside Financial Center

200 Hudson Street

Suite 501

Jersey City, NJ 07311

Note: If you do not know your E*TRADE account number, you may put your current Capital One Investing account number on the memo line instead, with a note that this is your Capital One account.